A huge and unfortunate misconception is that products manufactured in India are inferior. In reality, India has some of the most experienced and skilled designers, developers, and manufacturers in the world. This is why the professionals at Globaltech Ventures have established partnerships with highly reputable Indian companies.

Specific to the automotive industry, automotive parts from India are of incredible quality and value. In fact, these parts are so well-made that demand has increased so dramatically. In addition to a significant cost savings passed on to the customer, parts from India meet strict manufacturing regulations, making them completely safe.

There are many critical factors as part of collaboration between Globaltech Ventures and Indian suppliers for automotive parts from India, with three examples provided below.

Discipline and Structure

Strict discipline and structure are one reason that automotive parts from India are of such high quality. Globaltech Ventures’ professionals consistently communicate clear and attainable goals, allowing precise prototypes to be built and finished products to exceed expectations. This results in superior development cycles for every aspect of production.

Inventory Control

Globaltech Ventures also maintains tight inventory control systems for automotive parts from India. This includes ironclad disciplines on the facility floor but also throughout the entire managerial infrastructure. Of key importance are vendor relations, production planning, process and industrial engineering, and quality assurance.

In addition, production equipment to include tools and dies for automotive parts from India are not overworked but instead, operated at rates designed for to prevent production delays caused by machine overload. Machines also last longer, again resulting in fewer slowdowns and rare shutdowns of operations.

Management and Manufacturing

Partners of Globaltech Ventures who make automotive parts from India possess outstanding management and manufacturing capabilities. While it has taken India longer to reach this level of perfection when compared to Japan and China, today automotive parts from India are known for being precise, durable, and reliable.

  • Quality – The number one priority for automotive parts from India is quality.
  • Planning – This consists of continuous communication, innovative prototyping, and quality assurance, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • Training – While high production standards are established, through ongoing training, professionals maintain those standards, as well as improve on them.
  • Materials – Globaltech Ventures and partners only use the highest quality, regardless if working with plastic, carbon steel, alloy, and stainless, steel, among others.