By sourcing with China, Globaltech Ventures gains a significant advantage over the competition. Today, quality manufacturing of parts and assemblies is the result of collaboration of efforts by professionals in the United States and Asia. While the cost of manufacturing in China has risen in the past several years, it remains more affordable, which means incredible savings to the customer.

This company has established relationships with state-of-the-art manufacturing operations, which equates to effective and efficient suppliers who possess expertise required for fabricating even the most intricate parts and assemblies. Because every partnership is verified and superior corners are never cut when it comes to manufacturing to very specific requirements.

Areas of Expertise

Having sourcing from China ensures that Customers have a diverse team with qualifications for assisting with a wide range of product design, development, and engineering. Teams across two continents pull resources for creating rapid prototypes, which consists of 3D technology, tooling, CNC fabrication, and more using both plastic and metal materials.

  • Plastics – For low to medium volumes of molding, Globaltech Ventures offers national and international services. Using high quality plastics, a wide variety of products are manufactured. Even for more complex parts and assemblies, the team of professionals has the ability to work through challenges by having fully knowledge and understanding of the material but also process
  • Metals – Globaltech Ventures can provide superior ferrous and non-ferrous parts to create a prototype, followed by production. The customer’s design is carefully reviewed. In addition, die tooling is made so castings are manufactured to exact design specifications. In addition, the company produces small stampings used for various industrial applications to tight tolerances for pre-machining or final machining.

Examples of Products Manufactured

Just as Globaltech Ventures offers a wide arrange of services, the company produces an impressive list of products to include:

  • Machine and Install Bearings
  • Oil Adaptors
  • Oil Tanks
  • Pneumatic Valve Bases made from Alloy
  • Saddles made of Aluminum through CNC Machining
  • Shaft Couplers made from Carbon Steel
  • Valve Spools
  • Washers through Stamping with 304 Stainless Steel

Regardless of the service or parts and assemblies designed, developed, and manufactured, there are tremendous benefits of sourcing from China. In addition to cost savings, this unique partnership provides outstanding flexibility, versatility, and a deeper level of experience.