The GTV prototype Tooling team provides high quality and cost effective prototype tooling. Our proven tooling approach has assisted multiple manufacturers meet launch schedules they otherwise would not have been able to attain.

GTV is capable of providing high fidelity automotive lighting prototype tooling including BMC reflectors and has successfully prototype tooled projects ranging from 50-2000 ton press size in lighting, interior trim, HVAC, articulating vent registers and under hood plastics. Our prototype tooling capability is fast, efficient, and accurate!

GTV Tooling also provides customers with high quality steel injection tooling made in China designed to meet their long run production needs. Tools follow a rigorous design procedure and program management system. Tools are designed to all customer provided mold specifications and checked and trialed thoroughly prior to delivery. Try-outs are done on site at mold plant prior to shipment and validating try-out capability in the through our local Detroit area tool and molding partners. GTV supports all logistics and transport necessary to deliver the mold to the customer ready for use.

The GTV Tooling team has supported a number of customers in fabrication of specialized fixtures and testing equipment. By utilizing its extensive automotive product experience across the company’s engineering staffs and leveraging its innovative and solution oriented culture, GTV has identified time and budget saving concepts in its development process which has allowed to to fabricate this type of equipment fast and efficiently for its customers unique applications for both prototype and production testing.

GTV can also fabricate gauges and assembly aids as necessary to support all in house production requirements and has third party certification available for all necessary products.

The GTV Tooling team worked closely with an Agricultural Heavy Equipment plastic component supplier to develop and fabricate tooling suitable for large in mold paint RIM molding. This tooling required mirror polish for class A finish and required unique mold structure and shutoff characteristics. The GTV collaborated hand in hand with the customer in this project for a successful execution of the job.