The GTV Prototype team has established itself as a recognized leader in the field of automotive lamp prototyping. Utilizing the best techniques and consistent quality measures, GTV provides lamp assemblies for both interior and exterior applications. It has provided working systems for both cosmetic review and full vehicle testing. Specialized optical evaluation, night drive, and thermal assemblies are also made. GTV can provide lamp assemblies from tooled components or from custom fabricated parts. In the last 12 years, GTV has participated in the development and prototyping of lighting for most all of the major automotive manufacturers active in North America.

GTV Prototype sets the standard for studio mockups and show property development for advance design evaluation. Our fast, efficient CNC processes are used in combination with industry leading vacuum casting techniques which allow GTV to provide the most production representative mockups and show components available in industry. Our products have been used on multiple show vehicles for leading auto manufacturers in all of the major auto shows around the globe.

GTV Prototype provides cluster and trim interior component prototypes which provide excellent representation of production intent for both appearance and function. Cluster trim and related control knob components present unique challenges in that they combine requirements of human factors and perception with electro-mechanics, LED optics fine assembly function, and tactile feedback to the user. Combinations of texture, color, paint, laser etched graphics as well as refined features on items such as pointer needles, light housings, light guides all further add to the challenges. The fact that GTV has established a strong history in this area of prototype is a sign of our commitment to quality and willingness to take on challenges which help our customers succeed.

The GTV Prototype team provides exceptional functional prototypes for testing. Our CNC process allow for prototyping in production type resins such as ABS, Acrylic, PC, Nylon, and Aluminum. Our silicone molded, and thermal formed prototypes allow for testing of HVAC ducting for air flow and other functional testing. SLA, SLS, ABS and other 3D printed prototypes are utilized as 3D representative parts in assembly cell and other engineering planning by our customers.