Global Technology Ventures, Inc. – A Recognized Leader in Engineering Development & Rapid Prototyping Services

The GTV Innovations group provides a creative and knowledgeable product development partner to collaborate with you to help take your concepts to the next level. Whether the next level is design to the point of a 3D printed prototype, a functional prototype, or manufacturing ready design; our engineering services personnel will partner with you to success.

Competencies include mechanical 3D CAD, engineering for LED applications, optics, lighting system design, plastic molding, design for manufacturing, mechanical attachment design, electronic PCB design, micro-controller programming, custom controller solutions, light sequencing, custom LDM solutions, and custom light engines.

It is our belief this level of technical capability is rare among rapid prototype companies. As such we are focused on the continued advancement of our technical offerings with the goal of ensuring that our experience and expertise can be of best possible value to your product development efforts. The custom product engineering services that result can then help speed time to market for our customers and help ensure robust final design. In our role as a prototype lighting supplier, GTV has both designed and supported design on numerous incandescent and specialized LED-driven lighting applications for stationary products and transportation products ranging from automotive, aircraft, personal mobility and architectural applications.

Our team has also developed specialized molded electrical designs, including custom connectors, custom PCB boards and control systems. Communication protocols using CAN-BUS architecture have also been utilized for system control.

For the design and development support in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods industries, let Global Technology Ventures be your trusted and reliable source.

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The GTV Innovations team has designed and developed multiple specialized LED driven lighting applications for both stationary and niche transportation and mobility products including aircraft products.

The GTV Innovations team has assisted customers in need of design for specialized molded electrical connectors for several aftermarket and customization applications.

The GTV Innovations team assisted a local entrepreneur in the development of a personal mobility device which once established in the marketplace is expected to assist in both personal safety and mobility of individuals with physical challenges.