GTV Innovations provides a creative and knowledgeable product development partner to collaborate with you to help take your concept to the next level.

Competencies include LEDs, optics, lighting systems design, plastic molding, and design for manufacturability.

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GTV Prototype Technical Center provides a high quality and responsive facility for full service low volume product integration and automotive prototype support. Services include CNC, 3D printing, finishing, painting, decorating, electronics, fabrication and assembly capability.

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GTV Tooling provides quality and cost effective prototype and production tooling through its affiliated China staff and facilities. Full local tooling and logistical support provided.

GTV Tooling also provides fabrication of gauges and testing fixtures for special applications by its Farmington Hills engineering and build team.

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GTV Products provides its customers with ISO/TS Certified production products for automotive, marine, heavy vehicle, and aerospace applications. Current products include components and assemblies in the lighting, plastic molding, and machined, cast, or forged metal sub-assemblies.

GTV Products is supported on high volume projects by affiliated factories in USA, China and India. Low volume assembly via GTV Farmington Hills Operations.

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