With India sourcing, Globaltech Ventures has the opportunity to provide better service but also improved product to the customer. With maintained partnerships with highly skilled, trained, and dedicated professionals in India, both cost and production time is reduced.

This company has three primary goals to include providing customers with unrivaled service, designing, developing, and manufacturing high quality finished parts and assemblies, and keeping costs down. Having a unique partnership with professionals that possess unrivaled expertise makes these goals attainable.

Outsourced Processes

With India sourcing, a variety of manufacturing processes are performed with examples such as:

  • Case Hardening
  • Casting
  • Deburring
  • Fabrication
  • Forging
  • Gear Cutting
  • Machining

Reasons for India Sources

In reality, Globaltech Ventures chose to partner with professionals in India for the customer’s sake. The experts in India are literally an extension of operations in the United States. Working closely together, customers end up with high quality parts and assemblies but without spending a fortune.

Project Managers stay on top of daily operations to ensure strict company and industry standards are met. These same managers make themselves available at any time to the customer so while certain parts are being manufactured across the world, the line of communication is never broken and the quality of parts never compromised.

Using India sources also helps to reduce risk opposed to capacity. The entire process from design to manufacturing according to regulations is carefully managed. Because the system is so well-designed, only proven and mature processes, as well as infrastructure are used. Even processes of offshore operations visible, making the company fully accountable for all the work being performed through the partnership in India.

Through value design and engineering of process and material, the cost to manufacturer parts and assembles is better controlled. There is also the benefit of quality engineered components and assemblies being manufactured in an expedient manner.

Although India sourcing is beneficial year-round, it is extremely beneficial during peak load periods. To minimize fluctuations that occur in the labor force but also handle product demand during the busier times of the year, outsourcing is critical. The bottom line is that Globaltech Ventures leverages the business process through India sources in an effort to reduce the cost of labor and improve overall product quality.