The introduction of rapid prototyping services has made it possible to create prototype products from all types of materials in a much faster and more cost-effective manner than in the past. Regardless of how complex your design may be, an experienced rapid prototype provider can produce the final product that you need.

Rapid prototyping services combine the use of specialized printing machines with 3D CAD models to produce highly accurate prototypes. Such services can be used in a variety of different applications, including machine parts, various prototypes, and production tools. Rapid prototyping is appropriate for plastic products as well as metal products produced from titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. The turnaround times offered by rapid prototyping services are often far faster than with traditional production methods.

The first step in the process is typically the creation of a 3D model through the use of a CAD workstation. An operating technician can then use the model to align the geometry of the model properly and add any necessary support structures.

Rapid prototyping technology makes it possible to create the final product by fusing multiple layers of material together at extremely high temperatures. In this way, the various parts of the product can be constructed layer by layer. This results in a more cost-efficient and time-effective product prototype.

The types of prototypes that can be produced through such services are virtually without limit and include wire forms, sheet metal fabrications, metal stampings, and more.