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Global Technology Ventures Inc. headquartered in Farmington Hills MI, USA prides itself on a reputation of dependability that its customers can trust and rely upon. Our skilled and dedicated experts make professionalism and perfection top priorities.Company core values of quality, innovation, service, and solutions permeate our culture and are reinforced internally on a continuous basis. We strive daily to maintain our status as a leader in our field.Global Technology Ventures is highly respected for outstanding CNC rapid prototyping services, 3D prototyping, CNC prototyping services, metal prototyping and other engineering related services. No rapid prototype supplier is more dedicated to a successful outcome than GTV. As a top plastic and metal prototyping provider, we strive each day to turn our customers’ visions into reality. Our team of experts also supplies engineering test parts, as well as key parts and components for mockups and show properties. We have in house engineering design for both mechanical and electrical subsystems, as well as in house electronic fabrication and programming. Few CNC rapid prototyping suppliers can provide our breadth of service for full product development. We supply and manufacture all types of plastic and metal parts, both for prototype and production using a comprehensive range of capabilities providing prototypes and production parts for our global customers in the United States as well as their subsidiaries in Japan, China, India, Mexico, and elsewhere.With our depth of resources, we have the ability to supply prototypes, tooling and manufacturing of high quality products at very competitive cost. Our customers trust our ability to supply their products on time, with quality and dependability. Our number one goal is to ensure our customer’s 100 percent satisfaction. We work closely with each and every customer, doing our best to deliver products that exceed expectations.

Regardless if customer’s need tooled parts, components, or customized prototypes that meet exact specifications, GTV is highly qualified as illustrated by its dedicated customer base. Numerous things set Global Tech Ventures apart from other prototype companies, not the least of which is our years of experience meeting the needs of highly demanding automotive customers. This includes developing prototype lighting for many of the top automobile manufacturers in North America as well as providing prototype services for instrument cluster systems, design studio properties, marketing tradeshow properties, functional test parts, and parts for vehicle build. Prototype tooling, special fixtures and equipment, injection tooling, and vacuum forming products are additional prototype supplier services we offer. Using a unique but proven approach to tooling, our incredible team provides assistance to numerous manufacturers needing to overcome design and development challenges in order to meet tight launch schedules.

You can turn to GTV as your trusted partner for outstanding services based in quality, innovation, service and solutions!

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