As the demand for injection-molded plastics has grown in China, the China tooling industry has also grown at a rapidly accelerated pace. Estimates indicate that this demand for such products will continue to grow in the coming years. Much of this rising demand is attributed to the development of industry and the investment environment in China.

Custom designed tools can be produced for plastic injection molding for either prototype tooling or mass production. China tooling is also sometimes referred to as tooling for export. This is accomplished through the delivery of drawings or original concepts to the supplier. It is also possible for the supplier to design the part in question, manufacture the product, andthen package it for shipping to the relevant location.

In choosing a supplier to assist with China tooling, it is important to select a company with relevant experience and that follows a precise machine tooling process. This is crucial to the success of the end product to ensure that the best possible tool is designed to meet your needs. Without this process being followed properly, a variety of tooling problems may occur, including increased cycle times, which can ultimately lead to higher costs per unit.

It is important to understand that the China tooling timeline for each product can vary and is highly dependent upon the complexity of the product in question. Additionally, the stage at which the supplier is involved will also affect the final timeline.