Global Technology Ventures, Inc. – World-class Products in Farmington Hills, MI

The GTV Products group provides its customers with ISO&TS certified production products for automotive, marine, heavy vehicle, and aerospace applications. Current products include components and assemblies in lighting, plastic trim, injection molded products, electronic as well as machined, cast, and forged metal components and subassemblies. GTV Products is supported on high volume projects by affiliated factories overseas with low volume production occurring at its USA operations.

For both production products and prototyping in Farmington Hills, MI, our team of experts goes above and beyond to ensure the customer’s full satisfaction. Some of the product areas in which we participate include:

  • Aircraft – Industry leading lighting assemblies used in a light sport aircraft application.
  • Chassis/Powertrain – High quality components for an automobile’s chassis, powertrain, and body structures including unique expertise in machined and cast high-end oil handling products associated with sports car applications.
  • Automotive Air Induction – Expertise in fast efficient tooling for products in this class. As a case study, A serious launch problem for a customer whose design was behind schedule created a challenge for our team, as the tooling suppliers used by this customer in the past were unable to support the launch. Working closely with the customer, our experts fabricated prototype and production tooling, guaranteeing an on-schedule launch. Our team then created a plan that would support the continued production of plastic components, something accomplished with the use of TS- and ISO-certified procedures.
  • Plastic Trim – GTV fabricates and helped develop a heavy vehicle instrument panel with functioning HVAC that was well suited to low-volume and its large size. Although challenging, we developed a concept for this injection-molded hybrid assembly. GTV assembles, packages and delivers this product for OEM use on a weekly basis. We have also supplied other molded plastic components under demanding schedules.

Whether you need a top rated production supplier or prototype supplier, GTV is the capability and experience to support your requirements!

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The GTV Products in conjunction with its GTV Innovations engineering team was selected to develop and supply complete OEM lighting assemblies for the ICON Air light sport aircraft. GTV believes this vehicle will be a leader in its class. The LED based forward and wing tip lighting supplied for OEM use represents a breakthrough in design and manufacturing execution in this class of product.

GTV Products provides metal chassis and powertrain and body structure components used by manufacturers in automotive and in the recreational vehicle industry. GTV, through its affiliations with its foundry related investment partners, has developed a particular expertise in cast and forged products for vehicle use including high end oil handling products used in demanding sports-car applications.

GTV Products began working with an automotive supplier and the OEM in 2011 on an extremely difficult launch problem. Design was behind schedule and tooling lead times provided by the customer’s historical tooling suppliers were not capable of supporting launch. GTV stepped in and through exceptional collaboration with its customer, successfully fabricated production tooling to support the schedule. Because of the overall project demands, the customer then requested GTV to create a plan to support on-going production of the plastic components. GTV committed the resources, PPAP and logistics plan. GTV through the use of ISO & TS certified procedures has continued to supply this product successfully week after week.

GTV Products was invited to consider ideas for supply of a low volume heavy vehicle instrument panel with functioning HVAC. Achieving the finish appearance required with the functionality needed and low quantity requirements were challenging. GTV developed a hybrid vac-form & injection molded assembly concept for this component and supplies this product for OEM use weekly.